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Computer Peripheral Repairs in Selkirk

Fix your computer's equipment with my range of computer peripheral repairs. Based in Selkirk, I specialise in various computer hardware repairs, including computers and screens. From printers to routers, I'm able to restore a wide range of computer components.


Save Your System

My peripheral repairs cover all aspects of hardware, including printers, scanners, and routers. It tends to be the general running of the computer system that's the problem, so I show you how to use specific models and equipment that you need to solve the solution.

Solve Your Technology Issues

We all run into a range of issues with our computers. When it comes to jammed printers, I'll pay you a visit to solve the problem and show you how to unblock it for future use. If there's a part that needs replacing, I'll take care of the entire process. I'll also help you to restore the function of your router cables and internet connection.

Important Information

I'm happy to come to your location to assess the situation, before determining what needs to be done to solve the problems. Prices vary depending on what the problem is and if the repairs require any parts, and I'll always provide a thorough consultation before starting the job.

Contact me find out more about computer peripheral repairs and computer hardware repairs in Selkirk.