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Computer Repair Services in Selkirk

Recover your computer hardware with my extensive range of computer repair services. Based in Selkirk, I specialise in providing domestic customers and commercial clients with effective laptop repairs. From software solutions to screen replacements, I'll have your hardware working properly in no time.

Covering All Components

This service covers all aspects of laptops and desktop computers, which includes both hardware and software. The majority of problems tend to be power supplies, hard disks, and the computer's memory. With regards to software, I carry out installation and configuration of new programs or updates for old programs. I'm able to uninstall un-used software while optimising the memory to ensure it is running fast. Common computer repairs generally involve installing new components or clearing up the memory to allow you to add new programs. I also offer cosmetic repairs and advice when your computer is beyond repair.

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Important Information

I stock a wide range of power supplies to replace your broken ones. If you require specific parts, I will order whatever you specify. I stock most computer parts, so I'm able to repair computers and laptops immediately. I offer a quotation before any repairs are carried out, and will travel to your location to assess the damage before taking it back to my office to make the repairs. I will then deliver the hardware once it's fully fixed.

Contact me when you need laptop repairs or any computer repair services in Selkirk.